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Crandell Environmental, LLC is a company equally owned and operated by Randy and Chad Crandell, father and son respectively. Randy Crandell has been the CEO/president of Crandell Brothers Trucking in Charlotte, MI for over 40 years. Chad Crandell has been the General Manager of the Crandell Brothers Trucking for almost 25 years. In 2013, the Crandells began using their expertise in land acquisition, construction and management to delve into the wetland mitigation arena. Their first bank project involved a joint venture to establish 350 acres of wetland bank credit in the Kalamazoo River Watershed. Since that time Crandell Environmental has established over 500 acres of wetland bank in several major watersheds (Kalamazoo, Thornapple, Grand, St. Joe). They also completed several project specific mitigation sites by providing complete cradle to grave services including property acquisition, construction and seeding/planting.

The primary goal of Crandell Environmental is to provide permit applicants with wetland bank credits which help streamline the permitting process and facilitate compliance with MDEQ permit requirements. The establishment of these wetland banks sits in turn benefits the state’s wetland resources by providing for the establishment of new wetlands in advance of losses; by consolidating small mitigation projects into larger, better designed and managed units; and by encouraging integration of wetland mitigation projects with watershed-based resource planning.

Crandell Environmental currently partners with Golder & Associates which provides design and permitting services for several of Crandells Bank and project-specific mitigation projects.

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